DIY Humidifier with a Dragon head

At the time I worked for the National Police of Hungary I worked in an office where, the air sometimes became very dry. I wanted to buy a humidifier,  however I was not satisfied with the ones available in the stores: Their capacity is typically small, and the water in them needs to be replaced too often. And the big ones are expensive. I decided to make my own instead.

For this, I bought a 24V submersible vaporizer for $12.

I 3D printed a floater I found on Thingiverse and glued PE foam to it.

Link to the model:

I put it in a 10L plastic bucket, on which I cut an air inlet, outlet and a hole for the power cable. I installed a 24V fan for the inlet, and 3D printed a rotating piece of pipe for the outlet, which I added a dragon head downloaded from Thingiverse.

Niki painted its eyes and mouth to look more dragon like.

It turned out better than expected. With 6-7 liters of water it ran for days. However I needed to change the water by then anyway because it became vapid.

The fan was a bit noisy at night but no more than a large table fan.

This wasn’t my first attempt with humidifiers. I also made a portable one with different electronics, where the whole casing fits in a pocket and can me mounted as a bottlecap but I have not managed to make it watertight yet.